Dec 3 2017 Trouw

Two immaculately clear soprano's who, at the end of 'Veni creator spiritus' lavishly sprinkle multiple bright and shiny high C's 

(about Mahler 8)

Dec 2, 2017 Opera Magazine

In the first part the female quartet (...) had excelled in lyrical beauty, in the Faust-part they convinced even more in their individual parts. Maartje Rammeloo sang the Lied-like ‘Bei der Liebe’ with purity.

(about Mahler 8)

Aug 17, 2015 NRC

"Impressive was soprano Maartje Rammeloo with her charming and fresh appearance and brilliant coloratura"

(about the Grachtenfestival opening concert)


Aug 17, 2015 Het Parool

"Maartje Rammeloo sang fantastic and she has an engaging stage personality"

(about The Telephone, Nederlandse Reisopera)


Aug 22, 2014 Cultureel Persbureau


"The casting is perfect. Maartje Rammeloo is a lascivious Cunegonde who, with her agile voice, gives a hilarious performance of the famous aria "Glitter and be gay", bouncing on the couch as if she sings herself to an orgasm."

(about Candide, Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam)



Aug 21, 2014 De Volkskrant


"Maartje Rammeloo is a sparkling Cunegonde with her big blue eyes and her cooing vibrato and vocally excels with her performance of the coloratura aria Glitter and be Gay in which Bernstein mocks the Bel Canto style."

(about Candide, Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam)



Aug 23, 2013 Opera Magazine 


"My mind wandered to that other discarded Anna, Boleyn. Maybe because Maartje Rammeloo, who more than fabulously performed the role, promises to be an Anna Boleyn as well? Time will tell, but her beautifully timbre, her suppleness and her way with notes and transitions, leave you wanting more." read the whole article (in dutch)

(about The Tsar, his wife, her lover and his head, Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam)



Dec 24, 2012 Haarlemse Courant

"Maartje Rammeloo is a soprano with great warmth who reaches angelic heights..." read on (in dutch)
(about Weihnachts oratorium, Philharmonie Haarlem)

Mar 1, 2011 Musical Reports

 "Most striking for sure is Maartje Rammeloo, who is the only real operasinger of the night. She delivers her aria beautifully and, for a moment, is able to distract the audience from Douwes playing Callas."
(about the play Master Class, 3 and a Crowd)

Nov 11, 2010 Heerenveense Courant

"Pure vocal highlights in Candide"
"Especially Maartje Rammeloo, as Candide's lover Cunegonde, shines in powerful and flexible solos."
(about Candide, De Nationale Reisopera) 

Nov 4, 2010 Tubantia

"Young operatic talent delivers Candide with speed and humor."
"The soprano Maartje Rammeloo demonstrates that an operasinger must be able to singing in any position, even upside down. On top of that she shows great technique and a large vocal range in the famous coloratura aria."
(about Candide, De Nationale Reisopera)

Jan 21, 2010 NRC Handelsblad

"Operetta as it was originally meant"
"Very beautiful last night: Maartje Rammeloo as gypsy princess Saffi"
(about Der Zigeunerbaron, Internationale Opera Producties)

Nov 27, 2009 NRC Handelsblad

"By far the best is the emotional aria of the maid Nanette (Maartje Rammeloo) about the death of prince Alexander"
(about newly written opera Koning Willem II, Souvenir des Montagnards)




Jun 20, 2009 The eye of the beholder"


Prince Arthur and princess Atala, excellently performed bij Maartje Rammeloo, who carries the show on more than one occasion, fall in love at first sight."

(about Offenbach's Häuptling Abendwind at the ITs festival) 



 Apr 9, 2009 Dagblad van het Noorden"


And then there was Maartje Rammeloo singing the soprano aria Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben. Beautifully accompanied but sung só superbly that one would almost spontaniously be converted. Goosebumps and watery eyes: cliché, but sometimes there are just no other words. After this heartbreaking performance one doesn't mind waiting another year..."

(about Matthäus Passion with the Sallands Bachchoir, Hoogeveen)





Sept 2006 Brabants Dagblad

"A complete surprise was twentythree-year-old soprano Maartje Rammeloo, student of the Brabants Conservatory. Her agile voice radiates from forte all the way back to pianissimo and the enthusiasm with which she sells herself as a singer is heartwarming."
(about participation in the International Vocalist Competition)