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Vocal coach

I started singing lessons when I was 6 years old and about a year later I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up: become a singing teacher! Not a singer, a teacher. I admired my teacher, Harrie Spronken, so much that I even went back to him in my twenties for an internship, to learn from his amazing ability to enthuse children for singing even the most difficult classical pieces.

I've been teaching for over 20 years, even longer than I have been singing as a professional myself. Children, groups, conservatory students and professionals. Since I am trained as a musical theatre singer as well as a classical singer, my knowledge of vocal technique and styles is quite broad and so has been the range of my students.


My approach is quite technical but besides training this in exercises, I like to use a big part of a lesson to teach how to apply this technique in repertoire and teach how adapting to a specific musical style and singing from emotion and text can actually help improve your technique as well!

Furthermore, one of the key focus points in my teaching is making sure singers become their own coaches. Of course, you will always need a teacher you can trust, to help you along your career, but you have to be able to study on your own and not be dependent on that teacher. A singer has to learn to catch themselves making mistakes, falling back into old habits (which we all do!) and have the bagage to know what to do about it. 

I want my students to leave the lesson inspired, energized, and knowing exáctly where to go from there. What to tackle, what nót to do, how it feels when it clicks into place and how to get there on their own.

The last few years I have been focussing my time on helping young aspiring singers get where they want to be. Whether that is a conservatory, an opera studio, a musical theatre or opera stage.

But sometimes, dependent on my schedule, I have time for an ambitious 'amateur' singer, so please feel free to ask!

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