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Duo Rammeloo & Van Nispen

Soprano Maartje Rammeloo and pianist Mark van Nispen met during their Masterstudies at the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg where, in 2008, Mark accompanied Maartje's exam. After that they lost touch, but after a few years they, by chance, met again at a funeral. While playing they noticed they were a very good musical fit. Both of them longed to perform more song repertoire besides all their other operatic and concert work, and so they started brainstorming about different programs. 

In 2020, duo Rammeloo & Van Nispen has been selected on the roster of the Dutch recital foundation De Vrienden van het Lied.

Without it being a complete lecture, duo Rammeloo & Van Nispen like to give their listeners a little insight in what they are listening to. With hints about recurring themes and words and anecdotes about the compositions, they like to enlighten their audience in the hidden treasures of this beautiful music.



Songs about nature, earth, origin and transience.

A mystical laud on birth and death

Emily Dickinson Songs by Aaron Copland and Andre Previn, songs by Pfitzner and the 4 last songs by Strauss

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Romance Russe

Spleen ét idéal  | The Russian soul

Romance Russe is a romantic song recital with works by Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré as well as Russian composers Nikolaj Rimsky-Korsakov and Sergej Rachmaninov. Elegant French opposite more emotional Russian, but both very romantic nonetheless! 


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Duo Rammeloo & Van Nispen

Duo Rammeloo & Van Nispen

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